Buildings with lifts equipped

EMS Panorama 2.0

Elevator Management System

A new way to manage your building

See More. Know More. Take Control.

From a simpler interface to smarter reporting, EMS Panorama 2.0 provides your building a new dimension of equipment control.


Improve Operational Efficiency


Enhance Tenant Satisfaction


Respond Quickly To Unplanned Events


Reduce Unexpected Disruption

tablet screen

Access your entire portfolio instantly

Gain full visibility and system-wide control of up to 300 groups. View real-time status, car calls, and security with ease and execute commands down to the car level – all in a single browser window.


Experience a more seamless operation

Building performance relies on real-time visibility and smart decision making. EMS Panorama 2.0 puts the information and control in your hands – when, where and how you need it. Find out how EMS Panorama 2.0 can increase passenger experience and efficiencies in your building.

Make Faster Decisions With Full Visibility

Simpler installation and a modern interface allow you to address building and tenant needs quickly.


Quick Install

Autoconfigure auto-downloads from controller


View full operational status and commands in a single window


Intuitive interface

Simply navigate, select, act

Avoid the unexpected

Protect the safety of your passengers with advanced security settings, including 1-click hot buttons to reduce response time in case of emergency.

Track your performance

Access playback footage and make proactive decisions for your building based on advanced reports of traffic and performance.

Stay fully supported

Rest assured your software and building is monitored and maintained by a team of dedicated developers and Signature Service technicians.