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Ethics & Compliance

Safety, Ethics & Quality

We act with integrity, every time, everywhere. We understand that the way we act matters. Our Otis Absolutes define us, shape our work and set us apart from everyone else.

When giving people the freedom to connect via elevators and escalators, nothing is more important than safety, whether it’s the people building and installing our technology, riding or servicing it. That’s why safety is at the heart of everything we do. Our reputation is so valuable — it’s priceless. Millions of people (employees, investors, customers, users) trust us because they expect, and know, that we do business the right way; the ethical, lawful and helpful way. We deliver quality results in everything we do.


Doing business the right way — it’s who we are.

Acting with Integrity 

We act with integrity, and we do not tolerate bribery or corruption. Otis will compete for and pursue all business objectives solely on the merits.


Recognizing that we work in an arena filled with challenges and obstacles, we conduct enterprise-wide assessments, reviews and audits to measure compliance risks so that we can identify the root cause of issues and deploy mitigation plans.

There are many challenges and obstacles to running a business. For this reason, Otis conducts corporate-level evaluations and audits to measure compliance risks, identify the causes of problems, and develop and apply plans for resolution.