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Urban Air Mobility

How will we move through the cities of tomorrow?

Imagine traveling effortlessly through a city by soaring above it. Imagine a world where low-altitude airspaces are the new high-speed freeways, and where carefully orchestrated and highly interconnected transportation experiences dramatically improve the way we move in and around the world. This is the future of urban mobility, and with Otis, the journey is already underway.

In collaboration with like-minded organizations, including helicopter manufacturers, we’re creating a long-term vision for movement through – and above – the cities of tomorrow. It’s about unlocking the potential of low-altitude airspace with Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) aircraft like helicopters and using advanced, connected elevator technologies to coordinate passenger journeys.

By linking all aspects of travel and adding a whole new dimension to urban mobility, we’re on our way to incredible, new possibilities. And now, the sky isn’t the limit. It’s the future.

Envision commutes that soar over traffic; faster supplies for critical emergencies; less congestion on streets and sidewalks and improved future city planning. We’re just scratching the surface of how advances in urban mobility can and will translate into real impact for everyone.

Chris Smith - Vice President of Distributor Strategy

Toward a three-dimensional future

Otis is exploring possibilities, including operational considerations and enabling technologies, for advanced urban mobility in the cities of tomorrow.