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Environmental Product Declarations

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التواصل بطرق مستدامة

نسعى دائماً إلى الحدِّ من الأثر البيئي الذي تولّده منتجاتنا وخدماتنا وعملياتنا، وإلى تحسين أدائنا وأداء عملائنا على حدٍّ سواء.

Lifecycle assessments (LCAs)

LCAs have identified raw-material supply and energy consumption during an elevator’s operational phase as the most relevant product-related environmental impacts.

Each EPD includes a precise breakdown of the product’s materials, considers compliance with the European Union’s (EU) REACH and ROHS regulations, and shares a lifecycle analysis (LCA) that evaluates energy usage, waste generation and air emissions in the following phases:

  • Upstream (raw-material supply, transport, outsourced manufacturing)
  • Core (in-house manufacturing)
  • Downstream (transport and installation, use or operation, and end-of-life treatment)

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Our sustainable products at a glance


The industry’s most advanced product and the first to offer drive-by-wire technology, the Gen360 platform was designed to optimize efficiency with minimal carbon impact. In fact, typical configurations of Gen360 elevators achieve best-in-class ISO 25745 Class A ratings for energy efficiency.


Efficiency and sustainability are part of the Gen3 elevator platform’s design. The Gen3 elevator includes standard features – like our gearless permanent magnet machines, LED lighting and Sleep Mode – to help reduce energy usage and carbon footprint. Additionally, Gen3 elevators come equipped with our ReGen drive, which reduces energy consumption by up to 75%.*

*Compared to conventional systems without regenerative technology.


The sustainable design of our SkyRise elevators minimizes space requirements and reduces energy use with the ReGen drive as a standard feature. SkyRise elevators also offer our core sustainability features found on our Gen360 and Gen3 platforms such as gearless permanent magnet machines, ReGen drive, LED lighting and Sleep Mode.