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It’s time to transform your building for the future

Introducing HydroAccel

Your elevator is a major part of your building’s value and appeal, so allowing the system to become outdated just isn’t an option. Technology, style and safety standards have moved on, so it pays to move with them. We have the ideal solution and the expert team to make it happen, without disruption.

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The latest elevator technology to increase reliability and performance

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A quick and easy way to improve your building’s aesthetic appeal

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Enhanced safety, meeting the latest building and elevator code


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A seamless integration with your building’s existing elevator structure

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Standard HydroAccel package

  • 1 HydroAccel Otis Controller

    Our microprocessor-based system ensures exact car leveling, while the solid-state starter delivers complete reliability.

  • 2 Serial Fixtures

    New buttons and lighting enhance your building’s style and improve passenger experience.

  • 3 Otis Glide A Door Operator

    Designed to ensure passenger safety and quiet reliable operation.

  • 4 OptiGuard Door Detector

    An infrared safety zone senses passengers and prevents doors from closing on them.

  • 5 Power Unit

    The pump is submerged inside the oil tank for quieter operation and reduced smell from the machine room.

  • 6 Options

    Otis track, locks and hanger / Cab upgrades / Aut-O-Safe (Emergency power/rescue).

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In-stock Hydro

Otis also now offers an expedited standard MOD package - the “In-Stock Hydro” package that offers a quick turnaround when lead time is critical!

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Custom HydroAccel

You can choose a custom solution for unique applications beyond the standard specification.

Service - Peerless protection

Otis maintenance combines world-class expertise with the latest technologies to ensure that your equipment always delivers its best.