The Gen2: celebrating 20 years of the digital evolution of elevators

We disrupted the industry with our revolutionary Gen2 elevator 20 years ago — a revolution that continues. Today’s Gen2 is smarter and more connected, reimagined to meet the needs of our customers and passengers in the digital age. With its smooth, quiet ride, space-saving design and energy-efficient operation, the Gen2 is our bestselling elevator ever with more than 1 million units sold. Wherever people are on the move, you’ll find the Gen2 from Otis.

WATCH THE “Inside the Empire State Building’s 21st Century Upgrade”
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More than 1 million sold with installations in nearly 200 countries

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Reduced energy consumption by 75%

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Leading the digital evolution of elevators for 20 years


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From modernizing renowned structures to equipping skyscrapers with cutting edge engineering, the Gen2 elevator continues to redefine how people move safely—and quickly—through some of the world’s most prominent buildings. Learn more about three of our notable installations.