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Residential elevators that keep you moving

At Otis, we know how important it is for people to get to where they need to be and so we’re always looking for ways to maximize elevator uptime to keep residents moving around the clock. Our range of residential building elevators don’t compromise on quality – no matter the cost point.

Whether you’re running late to work or eager to get home after a long day, our elevators help get you to your destination with comfortable, quiet rides. Our Gen2 residential elevators are built with cutting-edge technology, including safety-coated steel belts that make for smoother rides, increased durability, and maximum uptime. And with optimal connectivity, in certain conditions, we may be able solve an issue even before you notice it. Whether you’re looking for a new elevator or simply want to modernize an existing one, we offer a variety of rich textures, sophisticated lighting, and quality materials to choose from. The options are almost endless for designing elevators with customizable aesthetics that complement any space.

Sustainable Home Elevators

We are committed to using technology that reduces our impact on the planet. Our residential elevators are available with the latest energy-efficient features built in and sustainable modernization upgrade packages are available for existing elevators.

Otis Signature Service™

With each of our comprehensive service packages, we offer elevator repair and maintenance services with quick responses and transparent proactive communication. Our mechanics are not only highly trained and equipped with proprietary apps to provide you with our highest level of safety and service – they’re also committed to meeting your personal expectations on the job site.

We provide property managers with real-time and accurate information about their equipment so residents can enjoy available equipment, reliable rides and a great in-car experience at any time. Our timely, event-driven notifications and conversations are the cornerstone of the long-term transparent and trusting relationships we build to support owners and residents alike.

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