Escalator Step Upthrust Safety Upgrade

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Singapore in figures


Injuries due to passenger behavior while riding escalators *


Passengers seek treatment at hospitals due to step crash incidents*


Baby stroller related injuries due to step crash incidents*

*Source: Building & Construction Authority Singapore; KK Women’s & Children’s Hospital Singapore


Passenger Behavior

According to the Building & Construction Authority (BCA), there is an average of one escalator accident in Singapore almost every day.

Escalators are a ubiquitous convenience in our daily lives. However unsafe passenger behavior is a common occurrence that leads to serious injuries and equipment damage.

Not holding on to handrails, running up and down the moving escalator, wheeling strollers onto escalators often lead to falls and object entrapments. Sometimes this tips the steps upwards out of their trajectory, leading to a step crash.

Safety Solution

Passenger safety is our priority. Our Escalator Step Upthrust Safety Upgrade is designed to reduce the risk of serious incidents and protect your investment by reducing the risk of step crashes.

The upgrade package is designed to prevent the riser end of the steps from being displaced upward. Foreign objects like trolley, baby stroller, passenger shoe that are entrapped between escalator steps will trigger a safety switch that will deactivate the escalator.

Compatibility: The Escalator Step Upthrust Safety Upgrade is compatible with the Otis X0-508 Modular Escalator only. Please contact us for other models.


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