Made to move you™

We move 2.2 billion people a day and maintain more than ~2.3 million customer units worldwide, the industry’s largest portfolio. We can be found in many of the world’s most recognizable buildings as well as the busiest transportation hubs and retail centers. We are everywhere people are on the move.

Otis is 71,000 people strong, including 42,000 field professionals, all committed to meeting the diverse needs of our customers.

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Our success is rooted in our culture of innovation, the trust our customers place in us and the values that define us.

Our Vision

We give people freedom to connect and thrive in a taller, faster, smarter world.

Our Mission

To be a world-class, customer-centric, service-oriented company.

Our Values

We put people at the center of everything we do.
We are reliable, smart and focused on the future.
We are creating a more personal, connected world.
We roll up our sleeves to get it done.


We created an industry and changed the world

Otis is an iconic brand with a rich history. Few companies can claim a greater role in creating our connected urban world. We’ve helped build cities, transformed how people live and work and revolutionized architecture itself.

Our reach is global, our people are local

Our global presence ensures consistent quality, safety and service, wherever you are.

We offer products and services in more than 200 countries and territories. Wherever you are, you can count on absolute consistency when it comes to quality, safety and style. That’s the commitment of our 26 engineering centers and 11 test towers around the world.

Our Awards and Honors

We're proud to be recognized for our outstanding leadership, innovative products, global projects and excellence in social responsibility.

We succeed by being a good corporate citizen

With customers in approximately 200 countries and territories, Otis is a true global citizen.
Everywhere we do business, we operate on the belief that financial performance and corporate responsibility go hand in hand.