Low-rise Lifts

High quality elevators for low-rise buildings

Low-rise doesn’t mean low-performance. We offer a wide variety of quality passenger transportation solutions for small buildings with up to [XX - country to customize] floors. Safety, comfort, compact design and energy efficiency are top-of-mind as we provide quality transportation at every price point. With robust design and reliable rides, our elevators keep people safely moving, no matter where they’re headed.

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Otis Signature Service™

With each of our service packages, we offer elevator repair and maintenance services with quick responses and transparent proactive communication. Our mechanics are not only highly trained and equipped with proprietary apps to provide you with our highest level of safety and service – they’re also committed to meeting your personal expectations on the job site.

We provide property managers and owners with real-time and accurate information about their equipment so passengers can enjoy available equipment, reliable rides, and a great in-car experience at any time. Our timely, event-driven notifications and proactive conversations are the cornerstone of the long-term transparent and trusting relationships we build to support owners and passengers alike.

Gen2® Home

Non ci sta l’ascensore? Prova la piattaforma elevatrice elettrica, minore spazio e consumi.

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Gen2® Life

Ascensore con prestazioni ed estetica uniche per edifici residenziali e commerciali.

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Gen2® Switch

Mai più bloccati in ascensore! Alimentato a batteria o con pannelli solari.

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Ascensore low-cost per edifici residenziali standard.

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Gen2 Robusta ED

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