Escalators at New Bund Center

New Bund Center

Shanghai, China

See how intelligent solutions, advanced IoT technologies and service excellence helped bring one of Shanghai’s smartest buildings to life

A showcase of what’s possible for the smart building of the future, New Bund Center is the tallest building in Shanghai’s vibrant New Bund Area business district. When the project called for intelligent technologies to reliably and efficiently transport people, and integrate with the building, Otis was there with the latest in digital mobility solutions and services.

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Project facts

  • Completed: 2021
  • Height: 270 Meters (~886 feet)
  • Use: Commercial office space
  • Architect: KPE and Tongji Architectural Design Group
  • Builder: Shanghai Luijazui Finance & Trade Zone Company

Unique requirements

The New Bund Center was designed to incorporate the latest in smart building technologies for a modern, seamless occupant experience. Otis was tasked with the critical role of providing mobility solutions to match the level of advanced technology and aesthetics of the building, while ensuring round-the-clock uptime and reliability for the building’s tenants.

Otis innovation

To meet the needs of New Bund Center, Otis installed more than 50 elevators and escalators, including 37 SkyRise® elevators designed for tall buildings. The solutions also included Otis ONE Internet of Things (IoT) platform and Compass® 360 intelligent dispatching system to ensure consistent performance and efficient movement of people.

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37 SkyRise elevators

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Otis ONE Internet of Things (IoT) platform

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Compass 360 intelligent dispatching

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Integration with 10 service robots

Elevating urban transportation in the building of the future

New Bund Center: The heart of Shanghai’s smart city community

Located in the Pudong district of Shanghai, the New Bund Area is the city’s second central business district and has emerged as a vibrant community of upscale office and residential buildings, retail complexes and hotels. At the heart of the sprawling 1.3 million square meter smart city community is the 270-meter New Bund Center – the tallest building in the area.

The LEED®-accredited building was designed to be more than an upscale commercial office space to support the city’s continued growth. It is a smart building showcase, highlighting how intelligent building technologies can integrate to provide the best possible occupant experiences and drive sustainability.

Intelligent innovation on every level

As a showcase of what’s possible in smart buildings, the New Bund Center called for the most advanced, intelligent and connected solutions across all aspects of the building – and the mobility solutions were no exception. Otis was brought on to provide technologies to match the level of sophistication of the building and seamlessly integrate with other systems and solutions, all while matching the building’s stylish aesthetic.

Ensuring constant uptime

In addition, the New Bund Center was created to attract premium clients with high standards and specific requirements. This includes many businesses with the need for 24-hour access to their offices. With this in mind, Otis was also tasked with providing round-the-clock service and ensuring constant uptime of all solutions.

New Bund Centre China Regional Office

“Otis is proud to be part of the New Bund, where our China regional office is located. We are committed to supporting the New Bund central business district with elevators, escalators and smart mobility solutions, including IoT service, that elevate urban transportation for the future.”

-Sally Loh, President, Otis China


At Otis, creating and installing some of the world’s most advanced and connected elevator and escalator solutions is what we do every day. We’re also familiar with the needs of the New Bund Area. Even before the New Bund Center project, we had more than 180 Otis elevators and escalators moving passengers at the area’s transit hub and at several other office buildings. The New Bund Area is also home to our China regional office.

With this knowledge and experience, Otis was uniquely equipped to rise to the challenges of the New Bund Center. We provided more than 50 Otis elevators and escalators to move passengers inside the building, including 37 SkyRise elevators, which feature modern, sleek design and speeds that are ideal for tall buildings.

To help ensure uptime, the Otis ONE Internet of Things (IoT) platform monitors elevator operations in real time and supports predictive maintenance. If a malfunction or potential problem is detected, the Otis ONE system will alert on-call service professionals to promptly fix the issue.

Passengers at New bund Center can get to their destinations faster and more efficiently with the help of our Compass 360 intelligent dispatching system, which automatically adjusts elevator operations to reduce passenger waiting time in peak hours.

Otis even enabled the integration of more than 10 service robots into the elevator system, allowing them to travel between floors for contactless delivery.


Otis is proud to play a role in the New Bund Center project and in the applications throughout the New Bund Area. The area is bringing to life a vision for the smart city communities of the future, and through digitization, connected solutions and service excellence, we're playing a critical role in moving forward.

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