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Making Your Safety Our Priority

Safety is part of our Otis DNA. And our focus has never been stronger as we face the COVID-19 pandemic together. While the virus outbreak disrupted lives and livelihoods, we remain committed to your safety and wellbeing.

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Touchless solutions

Rethinking the way to ride. The priority of passengers’ have been changed. The demand on limiting physical contacts and physical distancing are soaring.

Otis offers a versatile options for complete contactless rides, namely:

- Touchless Button
- Holographic Touchless Button
- Button Sensing Bar
- QR Code Floor Selection


Car air purification

Now more than ever, reducing bacteria in shared spaces is of the utmost important to riders and tenants.

Using bipolar ionization technology, the device generates millions of positive and negative ions to neutralize viruses, bacteria and fungi in air droplets and on surfaces.

Compared to other air quality products, this versatile unit can attach to your existing fan equipment, continuously purifies the air and does not need to be charged, refilled or cleaned outside of regular elevator maintenance.


Solutions for Escalator

Handrail UV Disinfection Installation — Concealed type

Our Handrail UV Disinfection Installation is mounted internally on your escalator handrails to effectively sanitize handrail surfaces.

Fully guided, the handrail passes through the installation as it runs, exposing the handrail to sanitizing UV-C light.


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