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Spec Eco

Spec Eco Lift

Hydraulic lift SPEC ECO, which makes full use of Otis' latest technology. Its main feature is a pit depth of 150 mm. This lift is ideal not only for new construction but also for installation in existing buildings.

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Spec Eco Structure

The secret of the pit 150mm lies in the structure.

If you can't dig a pit and want to retrofit it to an existing building... Spec Eco can meet these demands.

  • 1 Support the basket at the top of the cylinder

  • 2 Direct hydraulic

  • 3 Cylinder integrated shock absorber

Spec Eco Hydraulic Structure

Pit 150mm

The biggest feature of Spec Eco is its pit depth. It can be installed in an existing building, where it was difficult to install with a normal rope or hydraulic lift, or in a place where the pit cannot be dug.

Universal design

Spec Eco continues to evolve day by day because it is an lift that is easy for more people to operate and use.

Environmental performance

Hydraulic fluid from oil to water. Spec Eco is reducing the impact on the environment as much as possible.


We have prepared functions such as an emergency rescue device and a hand touch sensor that make everyone feel safe and secure.


The area around the door has the most accidents. The hand touch sensor also detects small hands of infants and children and stops the door before it is pulled into the door pocket. This function won the "Kids Design Award" as a product that considers children. You can also rescue passengers trapped in a car before a technician rushes.

Harmony With The Environment

Spec Eco has the same basic mechanism as the hydraulic type, but takes advantage of the fact that the hydraulic fluid is a water glycol type hydraulic fluid. Unlike petroleum-based oil, which is a dangerous substance, water glycol is non-flammable, environmentally friendly, and has no oil-specific odor. This technology is good for the environment and users.