Low-rise Lifts

High quality solutions for low-rise elevator needs

In low-rise buildings up to five floors, Otis has many passenger transportation solutions available. And, to us, low rise does not mean low cost , Otis has an entire range to service low-rise buildings, always providing safety, comfort and energy efficiency. With machine room and machine room-less arrangements, space saving is always considered.

Quality and technology are maintained at all price points and options.

Gen3 Elevator

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Gen2® Life

Ascensore con prestazioni ed estetica uniche per edifici residenziali e commerciali.

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Gen2® Premier

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Gen2® Robusta

Ascensore per trasporto merci e persone per edifici commerciali e trasporti.

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Gen2® Stream

Ascensore ad elevate prestazioni e capacità di trasporto per edifici commerciali.

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