Debraj Chowdhury

Regional Director, East India

Debraj Chowdhury_Director_East

Debraj carries with him, extensive experience from across the business at a local, national and international level. Debraj’s professional journey began at Otis India in 1996 where he was with the East region. He was deputed to Otis Singapore in 2011 where he handled new equipment sales till 2013. Post that, Debraj retuned to Otis India to handle new equipment sales for the entire country. He was later made responsible for the aftermarket business where he handled the service sales, modernization and repair business for India. Debraj always looks to breakdown challenges to into small parts and leads the team to practical solutions, and one that considers things from the customer’s lens. Debraj was named regional director for the East region, India in 2022. During his time off, he loves spending time with his family and pursues contract bridge, a mind sport which he has harbored a passion for, since college.