Energy Efficiency

Environmental Commitment And World-Class Solutions

Otis is committed to designing innovative products and services that reduce costs and save precious energy. Whatever your sustainability goals – from designing net-zero buildings to managing your energy efficiency – our solutions are engineered to meet your needs.


Features & Benefits

At Otis, we continually incorporate more efficient technologies to deliver the most value to our customers.





Greener Products

We incorporate smarter, green technologies to save energy and operating costs



We combine our expertise with innovative solutions to green existing properties for improved performance and reduced energy consumption

ReGen Drive

The Otis OVF-30 ReGen solution is expected to provide annual energy consumption savings of approximately 20-35% dependent upon motor application.

The Otis OVF-30 is able to boost output voltage to eliminate voltage drops during line sags and brownouts. It is also capable of turning off the ReGen feature when emergency power backup applications cannot accommodate full regeneration.

LED Lighting

Otis now offers LED lighting that reduce your cab lighting consumption significantly. These systems not only reduce the nuisance of constantly burnt out halogen bulbs but they also increase passenger comfort by producing less heat.

Advances in LED technology now provide cost-effective, high-quality lighting that can be customized to project the light color that best suits your lift cab.

Fan/Light Relay

Most lift fans and cab lighting run constantly resulting in unnecessary energy usage. The Energy Saving Fan/Light Relay monitors lift activity. When the lift is idle, it shuts off the power to the fan and/or lights.