Hydraulic Power Units

Improve Your Lift’s Reliability And Performance

Power units are a key component of your hydraulic lift. Much like the engine in your car, they provide the power to move the lift.


Features & Benefits

The Otis Power Unit is a complete assembly with tank, submerged motor, pump, valve, and muffler.


Clean Design

Submerged motor reduces external oil leaks



Correct oil flow improves floor-to-floor times


Improved Reliability

Submerged design leads to less wear-and-tear and more consistent leveling

Cost-Effective Solution

Your existing power unit consists of many interacting components, including valves, solenoids, pumps and motors. As these age, they wear, resulting in greater potential for shutdowns and associated downtime.

Replacing all of these components at once with a new Otis hydraulic power unit can improve reliability while minimizing the cost of individual repairs.

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