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We put people at the center of everything we do

Safety is our No. 1 priority - for the people who use our lifts and for the people who maintain them. As part of our commitment to safety, Otis is pleased to offer AccessAlert, HANDSOFF phone and OptiGuard.


Features & benefits

Quickly and cost effectively give your building a fresh look by upgrading fixtures to a new design. Your lift’s finishes can be customized by choosing from multiple styles of position indicators, lighting and displays to create a unique look for your building.


Enhanced safety

Enhanced safety equipment reduces potential injuries to passengers, building employees and mechanics


Investment protection

Installing safety equipment not only protects passengers, but also your lift equipment



Our safety offerings ensure your building meets the latest codes in your jurisdiction


Industry-first safety enhancement

Similar to the seatbelt alarm found in your car, an alarm sounds when anyone enters the hoistway or placed in inspection mode. The alarm continues to sound until it’s physically switched off. To silence the alarm, the technician must push two buttons simultaneously, putting them in a safe position during movement. The alarm is meant to be heard only in the hoistway so it won’t disrupt the rest of the building’s occupants. This device can be installed on any lift including non-Otis products.


Reliable emergency communication

This device complies with the current national lift codes requiring two-way communication in the lift. Installation is fast and easy because the HANDSOFF phone fits into your existing cab phone cabinet. For maintenance customers, the HANDSOFF phone is automatically connected to OTISLINE®, Otis’ 24-hour customer care center. If an alternate emergency number is preferred, it can be programmed at no additional cost.


Maximum protection for passengers and doors

The OPTIGUARDTM door protection system uses more than 150 infrared beams to create an invisible safety net across the lift entrance. The system continuously scans for interrupted beams. If any interruption is detected the system will reopen the lift doors instantly without touching the passenger. This ensures safe passage through the lift entrance for both passengers and objects.