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Through close collaboration with architects, consultants, general contractors, developers and end users, our team of experts coordinate our largest and most complex projects around the globe. Learn how our dedicated team can help bring your vision to reality.

At the heart of the urban landscape is Otis

Our global major projects team is behind many of the most iconic high-profile installations around the globe. Between high-rise skyscrapers, complex metros and the most demanding high-volume projects, we have the experience and technical know-how to solve any challenge. Our solutions inspire generations to come.

Global Reach, local support

Our global hubs and local experts are here to help make your project possible. This means you have our support, dedicated to your project and its unique value, collaborating with you to keep things on track. Backed by the strength of a global leader,  nearly 1,500 Otis R&D engineers stand with them, ready to solve any imaginable challenge.

The best expertise supporting you in all projects, our global team also expands to strategic accounts. Our existing and growing relationships led by local correspondents allow Otis to provide you with latest product and construction innovation.

Our global hubs serve locations around the world 


With our clients from concept to completion

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1. Bespoke design

From early project onset, Otis engineers provide product solutions adapted to your specific site challenges and environments. Our custom-made offerings complement any unique environment, match your building style and provide optimal vertical traffic.

Custom solutions run through final and construction design. Working with customers a generation ago, Otis pioneered the self-climbing lift technology that led to today’s SkyBuild self-climbing elevator, now indispensable to the success of some of the most exciting high-rise projects in the world.

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2. Construction planning

One of the key challenges related to the execution of large high-rise or infrastructure projects is the co-ordination of trades to ensure that the project is tracking to the master schedule.

This needs to be carefully planned and managed during the life of the project and Otis provides the expertise in various fields to support the customer in this area, such as a skilled project management team and BIM modelling.

Building Construction

3. Execution

Otis takes a proactive approach in supporting general contractors at an early stage of the installation, through planning guides, fully detailed method statements and in process check.

Safety and quality are both part of our Otis absolutes and they are as critical as ever in delivering complex and large scale projects

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4. Service for the future

At Otis, we strive to deliver products that are ready for the future and integrate into your building management systems. Personalized contracts and real time maintenance information are an essential part of our service.

The world is connected like never before. Our products are becoming more digitally connected, faster, and more environmentally friendly than ever before. We remain committed to helping you increase product lifespans and plan for the future.

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