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Social Impact

We succeed by being a good corporate citizen

With customers in approximately 200 countries and territories, Otis is a true global citizen. Everywhere we do business, we operate on the belief that financial performance and corporate responsibility go hand in hand.


We see corporate citizenship as both an ethical responsibility and a business imperative – and embrace the idea that to do well, we must also do good. It’s why we invest in our local communities, encourage employee volunteerism, aim to minimize our environmental footprint, nurture a workplace culture of diversity and inclusion, and uphold the highest standards of safety, ethics and quality.


As we strive to give people freedom to connect and thrive in a taller, faster, smarter world, we’re also committed to making life better everywhere we do business.


Each year, our employees around the world volunteer thousands of hours of their own time to support the needs of the communities where they live and work

Green Shoots South Asia

Our employees are enthusiastic advocates of Green Shoots, a program to enhance children’s learning environments by building or renovating educational facilities, setting up libraries and offering classroom lessons that help youth become more aware of the benefits of environmental stewardship and safety. Since 2011, Green Shoots has benefited thousands of children in primary schools largely in Asia, including China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.


In 2019, Otis employees in Korea spent a day at a child-care center in Seoul, repairing floors, refreshing wallpaper and replacing old lockers. They also used the opportunity to tutor the children on elevator and escalator safety. In Thailand, Otis volunteers delivered water dispensers, ceiling fans and other supplies to a rural school in Lopburi province that serves 700 children in need.


Bringing joy to sick children

Our employees in Spain have partnered with the Theodora Foundation to brighten the lives of children undergoing treatment in hospitals and specialized care centers across the country.


Volunteers dress as clowns as they mingle with the children, eliciting peals of laughter. Our “United for One More Smile!” campaign was recognized by Premios Empresa Social (Social Company Awards), sponsored by Fundación Gala, a nonprofit that promotes corporate social responsibility. Founded in 1993, the Theodora Foundation aims “to bring laughter and joy” to children in hospitals and special care centers by organizing visits by volunteers trained to entertain them.


In all seasons and cities, Special Olympians win big

Otis employees have long been enthusiastic supporters of the Special Olympics and its mission: To provide year-round sports training for children and adults with intellectual disabilities – and the chance to experience all the joys associated with being a Special Olympics athlete. Thousands of our employees have volunteered at events around the world, from Tokyo and Sydney to Paris, Madrid and in the United States. Others have helped coach athletes in the full range of winter and summer sports, from alpine skiing and snowboarding to race walking, basketball and soccer. Many more have raised critically needed funds through annual walk and run events.


In February 2020, Otis employees helped kick off the Winter Games in Connecticut – something they have been doing for more than 20 years.


Sustainable solutions

We’ve been pioneers in developing sustainable technologies like the ReGen® drive. Now standard on our Gen2® and SkyRise® elevators, the ReGen drive captures energy that would otherwise be wasted as heat and converts it into reusable energy for use by other building systems. Another Otis innovation, our CompassPlus®destination dispatching technology, saves energy by moving some elevators to standby mode when traffic is light.


Our Gen2 elevator with ReGen drive technology is smaller and capable of reducing energy consumption by 75 percent under normal operating conditions compared to conventional systems without regenerative technology.


Nurturing a safety culture

As a company, we are strengthening our safety culture – one defined by a shared commitment that every member of the Otis family goes home safe each day. It is our common bond and our recognition that each of us has families, personal goals and contributions to make.


We’re harnessing the power of digital technology to help us achieve our goal. We’ve equipped our mechanics with smartphones loaded with Otis-built, proprietary apps to make their jobs safer and easier. For example, our new Otis Tune app can reduce or eliminate the need for mechanics to get on top of an elevator cab to troubleshoot the source of noise or vibration. They can now take the same measurements from inside the cab by launching the app and setting the iPhone on the floor of an elevator cab or the step or rail of an escalator. The Tune app collects noise and vibration data and then diagnoses potential issues.


In early 2020 our 69,000 employees, along with many subcontractor partners, joined together for a Global Safety Stand-Down Day. Otis employees gathered in our facilities throughout the world to discuss our Cardinal Rules for staying safe on the job, share personal experiences, and to recommit to safety as one of our core Otis values.



We are many voices

We are a community of 69,000 colleagues. By geography, race, gender or any other dimension you would look at, our workforce reflects the diversity of our customer base and the markets in which we operate. That’s a compelling reason to subscribe to the notion that the “best idea wins,” regardless of its point of origin. The combined engagement and ideation of our diverse community are a powerful force. At Otis, our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) play a valuable role in helping us attract, retain and develop this diverse community. We have nearly 50 ERGs or affiliated chapters around the world.

These employee-led groups provide mentoring, mutual support and more, based on the unique interests and needs of their membership. They are important communities within our larger organization. An estimated 2,500 Otis employees around the world participate in ERG activities. FORWARD, for example, supports women working as field professionals, offering mentoring and apprentice programs in what has traditionally been a male-dominated profession. Open to both women and men, FORWARD membership has grown to more than 500 since it was established in 2016. Other ERGs include HOLA (Hispanic Organization for Leadership and Advancement); GLOW (Gays and Lesbians of Otis Worldwide); APCOE (Asian Pacific Coalition of Otis Elevator); Momentum (focus on African Americans); WIN and WIF (supporting women); Abilities (focus on people with disabilities); and Elevet (focus on veterans).