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COVID-19 Information

Resuming travel around the world

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to pose risks and dramatically impact our daily lives and livelihoods. But in many locations, we are once again on the move.

People are cautiously returning to work, school, travel and a general sense of normalcy. And, every step of the way, Otis is here to help you more confidently move forward – and upward.

Explore the ways we’re working to keep people on the move, from solutions that create more contactless experiences to resources for a lower exposure risk – all supported by independent scientific research like our elevator airflow study.


Sicher unterwegs

Ihre Sicherheit liegt uns am Herzen. Beachten Sie daher unsere Sicherheits- und Hygienempfehlungen.


A message from our President & CEO

Together, we’re facing real challenges and disruptions to our daily lives. Businesses have been forced to close, activities cancelled, events postponed and travel restricted – all while our public officials, health care professionals and first responders work to contain and eradicate this pandemic to keep us safe. Around the world, people are standing still.

And yet – we are moving. Stay safe.

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