Otis 2000r


Traditionally high quality and advanced technology

Creating the future based on years of experience

OTIS has many years of experience in Russia, where it creates and improves elevator equipment, responding to customers' needs in high quality, exceptional safety and efficiency. Otis2000R is our latest innovative solution that takes the quality of elevator equipment to a whole new level due to its excellent design and the highest technologies.

Materials and components of the latest generation

We are rightfully proud to use only the latest materials and components to create the perfect technical solution.

The results of this approach are not only visible at first glance, but also manifest themselves in the long term. The cabin rises and falls smoothly, almost without creating any noise and vibration, and the strict selection of components ensures our proprietary high reliability and long service life.

Unprecedented Security

Every part meets the most stringent safety standards.

Every ride with the Otis2000R is extremely safe. All sliding doors are equipped with an emergency opening mechanism and safety devices, while the design of all elevators in the basic configuration - from the mine and the machine room to the inspiring cabin interior - is designed with safety in mind.

Designed to surprise

Exceptional quality starts with the basic components.

Thanks to the fact that the winch is created with the highest precision on a modern automated assembly line, it guarantees many years of safe and reliable operation. Depending on your preferences, it can be equipped with a two-speed or variable frequency drive, while the microprocessor controller provides ample control capabilities.

With this compact, robust and easy to install and maintain winch, you are guaranteed trouble-free operation of your elevator.


A wide selection of materials, design elements and details is designed to make the most pleasant impression on passengers.

Otis 2000R elevators feature a wide selection of styling features. In the basic configuration, the elevator car has a stainless steel cladding, but it can be supplemented with a variety of different colors and textures, for example, with the effect of a warm and calm wood, in a bold color or in granite. You can also choose from a wide range of floor material, and in accordance with the style of your building, you can choose every element - from the main control panels to lighting devices and handles.