Automatic Powered Door

Giving your lifts a new lease of life

Updating Everything That Matters

Your lifts are the lifeline of your building, so it’s important to keep them reliable, safe, comfortable and efficient. The good news is you can do this without starting from scratch.


mPower brings you all-round modernisation without the cost of full replacement

It begins at the door. Using the latest technology, we transform your manual door lift with an automatic, power-operated model. From here you’ll find a whole range of technical and aesthetic upgrades.

Automatically Better

Your automatic door lifts are a big step forward: in more ways than one.

The experience is better from the start. You simply press a button and the door opens to welcome you into your chosen car. But passenger comfort and convenience is only part of the story. Your passengers simply feel safer in an automatic lift, and safety guidelines always recommend an automatic door – they safeguard people and help to protect lift mechanisms too.

A Performance Revelation

Expect smoother rides, greater energy efficiency and better traffic management

A range of technology shapes your rejuvenated lift. There’s the microprocessor based controller, variable voltage variable frequency drive, brand new fixtures, signalling and copper wiring and energy saving auto fan cut-out. You can also choose the optional close loop system for even better levelling.

Safer To The Core

Everything starts with safety. It’s designed into each detail.

As passengers come and go, sensors ensure that the doors never close on them – perfect timing is assured. There is a battery operated alarm bell for emergencies and a comforting emergency light that also uses battery power. As an option, you can select an automatic rescue device that offers back up in case of power failure.

Aesthetic Flair

Design and materials that reflect your performance upgrade

A selection of colours, textures and high quality materials allow you to tailor your lift car to match your building beautifully. Car and hall operating panels with illuminated call buttons and digital position indicators are great to use and easy to read at a glance.

We Have The Experience You Need To Get The Job Done

We ensure that it’s business as usual throughout your building with our four-step modernisation process. Disruption will be absolutely minimal.




Project management




Quality assurance


mPower is a comprehensive upgrade without the upheaval of full replacement

It’s almost like having a new lift – but mPower works fine with core elements of your old system, making it really cost efficient. You can retain the machine, ropes governor, rails, car frame, counterweight frame and pit equipment. Everything else is fresh and designed to make your system welcoming, comfortable, safe and efficient for the future.