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Otis in collaboration with design curators, have introduced a new aesthetic for elevators – Ambiance. A unique play of materials, forms, textures and patterns allows the Ambiance aesthetics to breathe life to your elevator space. The distinctive lighting element illuminates the accented materials in a contemporary dance of shadows and light,  Classic fixtures embody design for longevity, and hard edges relent to fluid curves around the cornices. Each of the four distinct looks mesh the modern with select vintage, perfectly lending each space a story with a lasting impression. We call this Art in Motion.

Low Rise Elevators

Low-Rise Lifts

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Mid-Rise Lifts

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Escalators and Moving Walks

Escalators & Moving Walks

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Visualize and design with Otis Create

The four Ambiance styles allow you to customize your elevator. Choose from either a Natural matt or Modern glossy finish. You can also extend the pattern in the rear panel to the cornices, or not. To help you visualize your design selection, log on to and assemble your favorite elevator look.

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