Otis 100M

Up to 14 stops

Modernisation made easy

Inject New Energy Into Your Manual Lift

Otis 100M is our latest, power-packed modernisation solution that’s designed to breathe new life into older manual lifts. Tailor-made for buildings with up to 14 stops, it can be fitted with minimal disruption and downtime.


A Smooth Operator

Experience a serious performance upgrade

The combination of a sleek new microprocessor based controller, Variable Voltage Variable Frequency technology, new copper wiring, door open alert and an automatic fan cut out facility deliver smooth operation and the details that matter. It’s all about bringing your system’s performance and features right up to date without major upheaval.

Leading Edge Safety

New locks, a battery-operated alarm and emergency light enhance safety

Smart Aesthetics

Illuminated call buttons and digital indicators are functional and attractive

Major Benefits

Save power and provide real ride comfort and minimal waiting

We Have The Experience You Need To Get The Job Done

We ensure that it’s business as usual throughout your building with our four-step modernisation process. Disruption will be absolutely minimal.


Project management


Quality assurance