Gen2® Prime

Max Rise 20m

Protecting what is important to you

Experience The World-class Safety, Comfort And Reliability of Gen2®

Whether it is people heading to work, the elderly strolling to their neighbours or the kids running to the playground – you want an lift that will be a pleasant experience for all. The revolutionary Gen2® Prime is everything you need in an lift- safety, comfort and reliability to ensure your building occupants have an exceptionally peaceful ride.

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0.7 m/s




20 m


Safety That Offers Peace Of Mind

The Gen2® factors safety from all angles. Passengers probably won’t even notice – and that is how it is meant to be. What you will however feel is a sense of calm knowing that this is truly a safe lift.

  • 1 Auto doors

    Automatic doors allow for contactless entry into the lift, allowing you to do more. It also ensures better safety and maximum use of space.

  • 2 Door safeties

    A screen of infrared beams on the doors, reopens them immediately when an obstacle breaks the screen. Additionally, if the lift stops between floors, the doors cannot be opened from the inside preventing unauthorized and unsafe passenger rescue.

  • 3 Flat belt with pulse monitor

    The flat belt replaces traditional steel ropes, allowing for it to be constantly monitored for integrity with the help of the Pulse Monitor system. This makes the lift efficient and reduces inspection downtime.

  • 4 Automatic rescue operation

    Battery powered systems deliver passengers safely to the nearest floor during a power failure.

  • 5 Manufactured at a world-class facility

    Made at one of our global Otis and ISO certified factories at Bengaluru, the Gen2® Prime lift has been put through rigorous tests that surpass basic safety code standards. We created our set of even more demanding guidelines that surpass global standards – the Otis Worldwide E3 policy. The parts and components undergo a battery of performance, safety and lifetime qualification testing that includes more than 50 critical tests during the manufacturing process.

25% More


16x More




World Class Comfort And Efficiency

The Gen2 focuses on performance without compromising on comfort. With the revolutionary belt technology, we reduced metal-on-metal contact and dampened vibrations to ensure the Gen2® ride is smooth and quiet.



Our systems minimize noise and vibration and render the lift’s movement barely perceptible, giving passengers what they’re looking for – a quiet, comfortable ride.

Smooth Landings

The gearless machine, sophisticated load weighing and closed – loop variable frequency drive ensures that the Gen2® Prime delivers outstanding acceleration monitoring and stopping accuracy within +/- 3 mm at every landing so that moving in and out of the lift is a smooth transition.


Fitted with the ReGen™ drive, the Gen2® Prime uses up to 75% lesser energy than conventional geared systems with non-regenerative drives, while providing clean power to help run other building systems. The Gen2® machine and coated steel belt do not need additional lubrication, providing for a cleaner hoistway and lift environment.

Reliable As Expected

We know what it takes to keep people moving safely and smoothly. Our founders were dedicated to delivering extraordinary service, and our teams today are committed to exceptional service that you can depend on day after day.


An Industry Benchmark

Otis is committed to ensuring optimal equipment performance for the lifetime of the lift. Our innovative technologies let Otis engineers precisely identify or anticipate possible issue. And when our skilled mechanics arrive at customer sites they are prepared to make repairs quickly and efficiently.

coated-steel-belts-80x80_gen2 life

Otis Genuine Parts

Our national service parts center is supported by the world-wide Otis supply chain and stocks a comprehensive range of thoroughly tested genuine spare parts.


Customer Support

Service comes first with Otisline® – our 24 hour call center – a network of over 80 service locations, covering more than 300 cities and towns. We pride ourselves in providing 24/7 dedicated customer support and prompt professional service.

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