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There's never been a more exciting
time to be an Otis engineer

Otis engineers play a crucial role in creating the future

Otis has a long legacy of product excellence and innovation that has shaped our industry − and we take great pride in that. In many ways, our success is due to the achievements of our engineers. We continue to take big leaps to build on our legacy and bring our customers, the riding public, as well as our Otis team into the future.

Why now is the perfect time to be an Otis engineer

How Otis engineers are creating smart, connected cities

There are thousands of engineers at Otis, who all help shape the world we live in. Residential and commercial elevators are becoming smarter and more connected than ever. You can find sophisticated, technology-rich elevators in super high-rise buildings as well as small residential and commercial properties, transportation hubs and everywhere people are on the move. Our engineers collaborate with colleagues from around the world, lead the digital transformation of our industry, and consistently innovate to improve experiences for our customers in an increasingly connected urban environment.

Q&A from Haran Vela, SVP, Engineering, on why now is the perfect time to be an Otis engineer

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Working at Otis as an engineer is a mission that everyone understands and values. As we take the mechanical elevator to its current connected elevator status, we are challenging engineers to solve problems of speed, rise, acoustics and vibration. Where else can you offer engineers an opportunity to give people freedom to connect and thrive in a taller, faster, smarter world.  As an engineer, if that doesn't get you excited, I don't know what will.

-Judy Marks, Chair, Chief Executive Officer and President

Did you know?

  • Our Otis Integrated Dispatch™ Application Programming Interface (API) allows robots to communicate with Otis elevators – and ultimately enter, ride and exit elevators without human intervention. 
  • Otis ONE™, our Internet of Things platform enables numerous solutions and experiences for customers and the riding public like remote service, real-time information on demand, and cloud connectivity to inform, entertain, and support passengers during their ride. 
  • Our destination dispatching solution Compass® 360 is designed to optimize the transit of people for maximum efficiency and solve the equivalent of the rideshare problem within a building by grouping passengers traveling to the same or nearby floors – getting them to their destination faster and limiting the number of stops. 

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Otis Customer App Bridges Smart Elevator Ecosystem’s Last Mile

Integrated Dispatch with robots

Creating cutting-edge customer solutions with future ready technology for elevators

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Otis Wins CIO100 Award with Otis ONE IoT platform