At Otis, our installations take innovation to all-new places

As a world leader, Otis is consistently moving the industry forward with innovative solutions and technologies. But we recognize that the real value of what we do isn’t in products alone – it’s in our unique ability to put them to work to solve customer challenges, enhance passenger experiences and bring new possibilities to life. Whether it’s helping customers move forward with advanced systems and digital capabilities in new buildings or enhancing existing properties with solutions that are more than modern, Otis brings proven expertise in installations that span the globe – and a full range of applications.

Zgodbe iz prve roke

Raznolikost našega dela se odraža v globini naše strokovnosti.

Od ikonskih zgradb, ki prodirajo v oblake pa do epskih športnih stadionov, luksuznih stanovanjskih objektov in mednarodnih letališč, naša dvigala in pomične stopnice premikajo ljudi in jim nudijo inovativni dizajn. Naša vloga v nekaterih najbolj naprednih svetovnih arhitektonskih projektih je pogosto bistvenega pomena, vedno pa je inspirativna.

lifts moving up and down

To make such a unique building a reality, we needed to work with companies that matched our commitment to efficiency and innovation, while prioritizing passenger safety. Otis offered that and more. They delivered the innovative solutions and global expertise critical in bringing this vision to life.

- George Abraham, Managing Director of Hickory Group, Contractor for Collins House