We gave rise to the modern city and transformed how people live and work. Now we’re pushing boundaries once again, revolutionizing the way we move.

Our “Welcome to Tomorrow” event brought together leaders from across disciplines and from around the globe – visionaries who shared their perspectives on the rise of smart cities in the digital age. Learn how Otis gave the world a glimpse into a future of vibrant cities. 

Creating a more connected world

As a company rooted in technology and innovation, we’re creating a more connected world that would have been unimaginable only a few years ago: a world defined by spaces with purpose, for connecting and thriving; where the smart, connected elevator is important to how we move. These are the connections our customers, our passengers and our own colleagues want. And we’re delivering by rewriting the rules and inventing new ways to keep the world moving.

"Connected elevators are our collective future -- a future that starts today." --Judy Marks, Otis President & CEO

Delivering personalized experiences

We move 2 billion people a day – while delivering the personalized experiences we all expect in the digital age. We’re putting passengers in control. With our touchless solutions, they can now use their own mobile devices, voices or even simple gestures to summon their elevator and tell it where they want to go. In the future, elevators will know where we’re going before we step inside – and the kind of information we want served up inside on the way to our destination.

Image: Our eCallTM app gives each passenger their own personal elevator button, enabling them to use their smartphones to call an elevator in advance, so it's there when they arrive.

Harnessing the Internet of Things

We’re using cutting-edge technologies enabled by the Internet of Things to add value for our customers, enhance the productivity of our own teams and support a smarter building ecosystem. Data helps us better understand the movement of people inside of buildings: when they come and go, peak travel times, how and where they move, and the best ways to get passengers where they need to be as quickly as possible with minimal disruption or wait times. We’re constantly learning and improving to create positive experiences for every passenger, whatever their destination.

Image: The Otis eViewTM in-car display streams infotainment for passengers and connects them with the OTISLINE® customer support center via video chat in the event of an emergency, providing them with welcome reassurance when they need it.


Meet the Connected Elevator 

At Otis, we believe that the right mix of passion and innovation can take you anywhere. Now, discover a new generation of innovation. 

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