Otis 200/200M

For Older Lifts

Modernisation, streamlined

Dramatic Improvements Without Disruption

Your lifts are the lifeline of your building, so reliability, efficiency, safety, performance and aesthetics need to be spot on. Our modernisation packages are the perfect antidote to age-related issues that can compromise your system. Update your lift without changing your whole system.

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The Quiet Revolution

A High Speed Switching Device keeps noise refreshingly low
Using Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors [IGPT], our High Speed Switching Device cuts motor noise levels radically, giving you a refined, near silent lift. Every journey is more relaxed and enjoyable as a result.

You’re In Control

We combine a Pulse Width Modulator and VF Motor with Encoder for smooth, consistent control
The CompassPlus destination management system is our most advanced destination management system of all time, making every trip simple, intuitive and inspiring.

It doesn’t matter how many passengers your cars are carrying or how busy things are getting, because our latest control technology maintains perfectly smooth acceleration and deceleration with optimum travel time, every time. Levelling is also more precise than ever before.

Who Wants To Wait?

Our latest Relative System Response [RSR] solution cuts waiting times and streamlines dispatching


We’ve created RSR to identify the best lifts to be dispatched to calls registered across various floors. The results speak for themselves – your passengers get the car they need more quickly and people move through your building with ease.

Safe And Stylish

Battery operated alarms and emergency lights raise safety levels, whilst illuminated call buttons and digital position indicators are both practical and stylish at a glance.

Fine-Tuned Doors

Smooth timely door operation is important

Wired For The Future

Brand new wiring at the heart of your lift system


Your Passengers Will Appreciate Fresh Design And Intuitive Controls

Bright, clear, illuminated call buttons and digital position indicators create a great first impression and are a key part of the improved passenger experience. They send out a strong message about your system’s modernisation.

We Have The Experience You Need To Get The Job Done

We ensure that it’s business as usual throughout your building with our four-step modernisation process. Disruption will be absolutely minimal.


Project Management


Quality Assurance