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You want your lift to be as safe, efficient and appealing as possible

Modernisation brings you these key benefits when your system is starting to lose its shine and performance – for significantly less than a new lift.

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There are a range of options open to you when it comes to updating and modernisation your lift. It could be that you want to purely improve the aesthetics of the lift with a new lift car interior. Alternatively, you may want to focus on the workings of the lift, in terms of the controller or more. Or indeed the best solution may be to strip out the entirety of the old lift and replace everything in the lift shaft. Whatever you require in terms of improving your lift, we can offer you the right solution.

Example Lift Modernisation Project

We recently worked with one of our customers from the health sector. The challenge they had was that their lifts had not been refurbished for approximately 20 years. They were inefficient and relatively costly to run. Aesthetically, the lifts also looked outdated.

Otis were awarded the project due to the strong relationship we had built up with the customer since taking over the lift maintenance contract a number of years previously. For the budget available, Otis UK were able to modernise 5 passenger lifts and 3 bed lifts at various sites across Wales.

Specifically, the lift modernisation project targeting the lift’s controllers and machines along with all associated wiring as the core of the works. Additionally, the lift doors were re-lined with appropriate fixtures and finishes.

The modernisation project proved to be a huge success, being completed to the highest standards, all under challenges conditions as the work was completed in busy hospitals. One of the key benefits however is the energy saving for the organisation, their third biggest cost after staff and medicine. Energy usage reduced to approximately 13.68kWh per day for a unit as opposed to the previous 61.52kWh

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Gen2® Modernisation

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SkyRise® modernisation

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More efficient ReGen™M Drives capture energy usually wasted as heat and returns it to your building as clean power. Up to 75% more efficient than conventional systems, and up to 40% less energy than non- regenerative machine systems.


Our patented PULSE technology monitors our flat coated-steel belts 24/7, providing advance notice of belt wear by detecting the slightest weakness.


Modernisation of your lift will also improve stopping accuracy, helping to improve passenger safety.


Our innovative gearless machines mean you no longer have to have a machine room in your building, freeing up valuable space.


Our unique flat belts are more efficient, and they last up to 3 times longer than conventional steel cables, saving your money in the long term.

A whole new experience

Through modernisation we can provide an engaging and contemporary passenger experience. From clear stylish lobby controls and eye-catching aesthetics to advanced destination management and in-car technology, we want to inspire people on the move.

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We’ve always placed people at the heart of what we do, so naturally this approach shapes our customer service too. We’re committed to delivering the service you need.