Otis ONE™

Personalized service

Introducing our IoT Platform

Experience Connected Service, Powered By The Internet Of Things

Personalize your service experience

Using smart, internet of things (IoT) technology, Otis ONE brings you and your passengers the next generation of service. With 24/7 real-time, connected service combined with our foundational historic data your lift experience will be transformed as you receive new insights. Transparent, Proactive, Predictive: this is Otis ONE.


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Proactive communications

Turning data into action

Our primary goal is to minimize disruption in your day. With “heartbeat” monitoring, we track the pulse of your equipment, so you don’t have to worry about a shutdown. With our proactive insights and predictive maintenance, we communicate issues early and provide a clear repair schedule, so you can inform your tenants and keep everyone’s day right on track.

Predictive Insights

Eliminating surprises

Whether you have a dozen tenants or thousands traveling through your building, every lift journey sends a message. Is your equipment healthy? Which floors are busiest? When will you need service and upgrades? Predictive data helps you benchmark lift performance, reduce unplanned shutdowns and prolong your investment for the future

Connected Sensors

Our connected sensors gather data on hundreds of lift components, passenger traffic and more to assess portfolio health and make intelligent recommendations for greater uptime.

Intelligent Learning

Our intelligent products make use of machine learning to remember emerging patterns, so devices can adjust in real time.

Capital Planning

Predictive insights combined with Otis expertise allow you to plan ahead for specific investments through leveraged data like manufacture, age, environment, usage and door health scores.

Software enabled service

Ready for tomorrow and beyond

Like technology ecosystems before it, the Otis ONE™ platform is designed to evolve. Powered by the internet of things, machine learning and cloud connectivity, future updates are only a download away. And as we invest in more tools, services and functionality, you can select from a menu of add-ons that make sense for your building and needs.