woman using tablet in elevator

Passenger Experience

Savor every journey

A richer experience in every way

We never stop perfecting the elements that make elevator journeys more fulfilling. From clear stylish destination technology and contemporary aesthetics to advanced destination management and in-car technology, we want to inspire you on the move.

Compass® 360

Compass® 360 destination dispatching technology is our most advanced destination management system ever, making every journey simple, intuitive and inspiring.

Design that evokes


The interior design you choose to accent your elevator will be a key component of your building’s feel and ambiance


Rich textures, classical materials and exclusive design packages enhance the experience for every passenger, every day. With an almost unlimited design flexibility of more than 400,000 custom options, creativity knows no boundaries.


Your Lift Is Here


Diverse choices and our people-first approach allow you to create your perfect system

Whether you need a low-rise, space efficient machine-roomless solution or a high speed, high rise design, we can create your next lift.


Enhance Your Building


Modernisation brings major improvements and peace of mind

Has your lift system lost its shine, its performance and its reliability? Instead of worrying about the expense and disruption of replacement, consider cost-effective and fuss-free modernisation.