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Meet our fully connected elevator

Bringing the promise of a connected platform into today.



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Meet our fully connected platform.


One platform. So many possibilities.

The new Gen3™ elevator brings the promise of the connected platform into today. With the proven design of our best-selling Gen2® elevator and the built-in connectivity of our Otis ONE™ IoT digital platform, the Gen3 elevator is advancing in numerous new ways.

A platform for possibility

Every aspect of modern life is changing. The ways we connect. The experiences we have. The places we live, work and play. The elevator needs to advance as well to harness the numerous possibilities of a more connected future - and Otis is taking you there.

The new Gen3 platform brings the promise of the connected elevator. With the proven design of our best-selling Gen2® elevator and the built-in connectivity of our Otis ONE digital service platform, the Gen3 platform is advancing the elevator in numerous new ways.


Gen3 Nova

Nova is suitable for residential, office and many other applications. Nova also offers a wide variety of aesthetic choices ranging from Modular , Aura, Atmos and Ambiance. Otis ONE Prime and Plus solutions are now available on Gen3 Nova making this a powerful combination of design, functionality and user experience.

Nova-a multifaceted elevator at the speed of 1 metre per second serving 21 stops 63 meters rise and passenger capacity up to 1088 Kgs. Nova is available in With machine room and without machine room category

Gen3 Prime

Prime- this revolutionary product serves 5 to 6 passenger six stops and is suitable for Low rise residential buildings. The modular designs available in painted and stainless steel have made it immensely popular lift that is easy to install, safe, comfortable and reliable.

The in-built Auto Rescue device, flat belt inspection, smooth landing and zero lubrication are also some of the features that customers have appreciated . The Prime also showcases energy savings up to 75% with a Regen drive and LED lighting. Now powered by IOT OTIS ONE- the Gen3 Prime will showcase connected solutions.

Gen3 Core

Equipped with industry-leading energy efficient technology the Core elevator comes with permanent magnet gearless machine regenerative drive and coated steel belts. OTIS ONE IOT Connected solutions will harness the power of the internet and deliver a great customer and user experience.

Core -a low rise residential elevator serving 5-6 and 8 passenger capacity , eight and six stops respectively. This elevator model is available in painted stainless steel as well as designer finishes like Aura, Atmos and Ambiance

Gen3 Life

Life features in many of the well established residential complexes, office premises and other establishments. Like it’s counterpart in 1mps Nova, Life is available in the aesthetic ranges of Modular, Aura, Atmos and Ambiance .OTIS ONE Prime and Plus solutions are now available on Gen3 Life.

Life-this mid -rise elevator is available in with machine room and without machine room option speeds ranging from 1.5 meter per second to 1.75 metre per second and travel up to 32 stops 96 meters rise and a maximun capacity of 1088Kgs.

Gen3 Stream

"This work-horse of an elevator is flexible in applications ranging from residential, commercial, hospitality, healthcare and other segments as well. Combined with OtisONE prime and plus solutions the Gen 3 Stream will deliver significant value to the customer like rapid response, transparency and predictiveness."

Stream -this mid rise elevator is available in speeds ranging from 1 meter per second to 1.75 meter per second, capacities from 1088 Kgs to 1768 kgs and travel up to 96 meters.

Customer support. Advanced.

We offer support at every stage of your process and are dedicated to helping you explore and implement solutions for today and enhancements for the future.

otis create

Otis Create

Simplify elevator system planning with recommended configurations, customized performance details and more – all in a few clicks.



Create customizable, configured 3D Revit® files for integration into overall building plans, rather than selecting from preexisting files.

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Ready for what’s next

The Otis ONE IoT digital platform design allows the Gen3 elevator to add many new future technologies. By enabling the flexible, seamless addition of technologies without a complete system upgrade, you can anticipate the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.

Otis ONE

With Otis ONE IoT digital platform software-enabled service, you’ll experience greater system transparency and predictability, enabling you to harness the power of advanced monitoring, big-data analytics and predictive maintenance to identify and address potential issues before they happen.

Design. Advanced.

As modern buildings continue to change, expectations for experiences within those buildings are changing too. The Gen3 elevator advances beyond the proven engineering of the Gen2 elevator to ensure that your elevator system can deliver what your passengers need and expect today and tomorrow.

Health & safety. Advanced.

The Gen3 elevator was designed with passenger safety, health and well-being in mind. From our Otis Cab Air Purifier, to our range of gesture technologies, we are committed to providing innovative solutions that address your ongoing health and well-being.

Along with our purification products, the Gen3 elevator also comes equipped with key safety components to help provide a smooth and comfortable riding experience.

Otis Create

Simplify elevator system planning with recommended configurations, customized performance details and more – all in a few clicks.

Raise your expectations

An advanced elevator experience is one that moves people in more ways than transporting between floors. It’s about comfort, style, convenience and feelings of safety, control and connectedness and the Otis Gen3 elevator delivers.

A close partnership, even beyond construction

We understand that every project is truly unique. Our teams can work with you at every step to ensure a smooth, seamless installation in buildings of all types and sizes. And it’s not just new builds. In challenging modernization projects, we can help customers implement a Gen3 solution that enhances the building experience and opens the door to future digital technologies.

One platform. So many possibilities.




The fully connected experience is available in any size,for any rise

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