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Gen2® Prime

Budget friendly safe lift for Residential buildings

World class comfort and efficiency

The Gen2® focuses on performance without compromising on comfort. With the revolutionary belt technology introduced in the Gen2® lift, we reduced metal-on-metal contact and dampened vibrations to ensure the Gen2® ride is smooth and quiet.

FEATURES: Smooth landings, Energy savings up to 75%, Sleep mode and zero lubrication


RISE: 20 m

CAPACITY: 408 kg

SPEED: 0.7 m/s

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Gen Nova Video

Gen3 Nova

Intellignt lift for Residential and Commercial buildings

We're building a more connected future

From the beginning, Otis has been Made to move you™. We set the industry standard with the launch of Gen2® elevator. Now, as the world grows taller, faster and smarter, the industry is looking to us to define what’s next and to connect people, places and experiences in new ways. 

FEATURES: Smart IoT technology, Big-data analytics, Advanced monitoring, Seamless elevator calling


RISE: 60 m

CAPACITY: 1020 kg

SPEED: 1 m/s

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Made in India

Built exclusively at our ISO-certified Bangalore factory, the lift system is a perfect blend of Otis reliability, quality and advanced design. We’re very proud of the exceptional performance it delivers, day after day.


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We are the world’s leading company for elevator and escalator manufacturing, installation and service

We move 2 billion people a day and maintain more than 2 million customer units worldwide - the world’s largest portfolio. We can be found in many of the world’s most recognizable buildings as well as the busiest transportation hubs and retail centers. We are everywhere people are on the move.

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