Passenger focused progress

Transformation made easy

Our latest Lift Control System is carefully designed to transform the performance of your low to medium speed lifts in every way. The only thing missing is disruption to your service during installation.

New Controller

New controller

Our latest Lift Control system series uses Microprocessor control Technology and AC Variable Voltage Variable Frequency Drive for serene reliability.

Door Operator

Door operator

A Variable Frequency Door Operation System enhances safety and convenience.

Car Design

Car design

Stainless steel and marble, energy saving LED lights and ventilation, an infrared door detector…every aspect of your car design is about quality and advanced design.

Machine Compatibility

Machine compatibility

Our latest Lift Control System is compatible with both geared and gearless machines. You can also choose a permanent magnet synchronous motor with mini gearless machine as an option.

Car and Hall Fixtures

Car and hall fixtures

Durable and stylish stainless steel faceplates and micro-motion push buttons, plus bright clear position indicators add to your passengers’ experience.

Landing Door and Sill

Landing door and sill

Stainless steel is used for landing door panels and sill for complete fire integrity and code compliance.

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May 13, 2020 / FARMINGTON, Connecticut, United States

Otis CEO to present at Bernstein Strategic Decisions Conference

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