Otis Integrated Dispatch™


Get more done in your building

Hospitals, hotels, commercial businesses and others are turning to Service Robots to enhance the customer experience, offer safe solutions and improve productivity for their employees – and Otis is making it easier for these robots to move autonomously through their buildings.

Otis Integrated Dispatch™ is a cloud-based API solution for integrating Service Robots with elevators that is faster and less expensive to install than traditional hard-wired integrations.

This solution is currently in pilot with multiple Service Robot providers and properties



  • 1 Maintain Productivity

    Our subscription plans come with a backup elevator integration as standard. If the primary elevator is not available, the Service Robot can switch to the backup and keep going.

  • 2 Stay Flexible

    Almost any autonomous Service Robot you choose for your building can integrate with our solution. We’ve made the technology compatible with Otis commercial elevators manufactured since 1990.

  • 3 Scale Up/Down

    Tenant needs frequently change. You can easily adapt by integrating more Service Robots or by adding more elevators to an existing integration – with no additional hardware to install.

  • 4 Optimize Entry/Exit

    Elevator door open/close times can be adjusted to each Service Robot’s travel speed to help it easily move in and out of the elevator on first attempt.

  • 5 Prioritize Cybersecurity

    All communication between our elevators and Service Robots is encrypted for security.

  • 6 Enhance Connectivity

    Our cloud infrastructure is designed for global deployment, with built-in geo-redundancy for fast and effective communication between Service Robots and elevators.

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Easy to set up and maintain


Subscribe to a plan to enable service robot access to elevators in your building. We’ll take care of the rest.


Our field engineers and mechanics will install a small amount of hardware in the building and coordinate with local safety inspectors to ensure compliance.


Our online simulation environments allow robotics software developers to test and configure their software with our APIs before deploying on-site.


Our continuous, automated monitoring and diagnostic tools help to quickly resolve any network connectivity issue.

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