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We foster a culture that embraces many voices and points of view, and we support our people with training and professional development

We foster a culture that embraces many voices and points of view and we support our people with training and professional development.

As the company that is Made to Move YouTM and Made to Move CommunitiesTM we are featuring our people who support Otis and the communities where we live and work.

Otis has been a great place to work. I would say do it! Apply for that internship, for that position, get your foot in the door. Once you're in, there's endless possibilities. The innovation of our products, the growth of our product footprint, system developments, and our growing diversity.

(United States)

At Otis, I've been presented with excellent opportunities for career development. Over the years, I've developed my skills and been given numerous chances to progress. To me, Otis not only represents innovation, but constantly strives to maintain its commitments to the highest standards of customer safety, quality, and ethics, without compromise. I consider it a privilege to work alongside such an exceptional team of individuals, all of us working together towards a shared goal with unwavering integrity.

(Hong Kong SAR)

If you want to be part of an organization of transformation and growth, there is not a better place than Otis.
If you want to grow faster with freedom to express yourself, come and join us at Otis.
If you want to have challenging, exciting and joyful ride at work while you contribute to yourself, the organization and society, share the ride with us at Otis.
If you want to be disruptive, innovative and eager to learn every day at work, be part of Otis family.


In all probability my day is full of unexpected surprises and deadlines. However, thanks to the collaborative spirit of my colleagues and senior management I can balance professional and personal priorities well. To be honest I like to voice my thoughts freely which I can do at Otis. I enjoy the open work culture.


With more than 125 years of legacy in India, Otis is an iconic brand with its name synonymous with vertical transportation. I consider myself fortunate to have trained under seasoned mentors & talented colleagues from the very day I joined Otis. I had the freedom to challenge myself and learn every day while delivering my best.


The engineering internship program brought me to Otis initially. The program had a great structure and gave me the opportunity to work on the design of a real tool to be used in rescue operations for high rise buildings.
This assignment showed me that Otis empowers employees to make products that make an impact from day one, which motivated me to accept my fulltime offer. The opportunity to work with diverse teams all around the world, the broad nature of our engineering assignments, and being able to work on a fundamental technology to enable urban life as we know it have kept me here.

(United States) 

I grew up in Bloomington, IN, down the street from where the old Otis Factory was located. My dad has worked for Otis my entire life. I participated in "bring your child to work day" many times in my childhood and used elevator prints as my coloring books. In 2015 after my freshman year at Indiana University, I started working at Otis as an intern for New Equipment Marketing and continued working part time through school.
When I graduated, I started working in the local Indianapolis office in March 2018. I love my job! We like to have fun in the local office with different outings and volunteer opportunities. I feel like I can really make a difference with my customers and I get rewarded for my hard work.

(United States) 

I have started with Otis just after my graduation, the curiosity to the technical aspect of the lift and to the managerial skills required in handling projects took me to the world leader in the elevators industry. Technical & Sales skills were developed, and what made me stay in Otis is the cultural diversity within the company, the international experience through open communication with Otis teams worldwide and the cutting edge products that insure clients satisfaction.

(United Arab Emirates) 

The learning environment in the company helped me understand the working ways easily and enabled me to achieve success in a short span of time. Core values are simple, and continuous improvement process ensures that all of us are innovating and are flexible. Cross-team coordination is in place which makes communication easy and transparent. This is a perfect combination to ensure process and people are optimally utilized.



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