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As an American Institute of Architects [AIA] cornerstone partner, Otis provides a range of learning options for you to meet your continuing education requirements.

Have a look at our courses below.

Elevator 101

Get sound basic knowledge of elevator types and when to use them, key design and planning elements.

Escalator 101

Gain expertise in escalators, their key components, critical dimensions and applications. Explore all the important design and planning criteria.

Machine-Roomless Elevator Technology

Learn about the space and cost saving benefits, different hoisting methods and energy consumption advantages associated with machine-roomless technology.

Green Technologies

Explore the green technology options available for elevators and escalators, their benefits and differences.

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Destination Dispatch Elevator Systems

Our online course

Discover how destination dispatching works to efficiently move people throughout a building. Explore the advantages for diverse building types and learn how you can harness the potential.


Destination Dispatch

Our In-Person Class

Improved elevator travel time to destination, enhancing your tenants’ satisfaction, integrating your building’s security and having fixture flexibility are among some of the many benefits of our elevator Destination Dispatch systems.



Due to the coronavirus pandemic, in-person classes have temporarily been cancelled. Please check back for updates.