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Information For Suppliers

Welcome, Otis Suppliers!

We are committed to delivering world class products and services that delight our customers.
The quality of our products and services depends on the quality of our supply chain. And to ensure this quality, we work collaboratively with our suppliers to drive improvements in Quality and pricing for our customers.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Otis Elevator Company is committed to a strong Code of Ethics and ethical behavior in all aspects of our business. Our Code of Ethics, as well as the code supplement entitled "Business Gifts from Suppliers," can be accessed via the links below. Our gifts policy is predicated on maintaining impartiality and mutual respect. We wish to avoid even the appearance that Otis' business decisions are based on anything other than merits of our business relationship. In addition, the links below provide information on how you can report any concerns or violations of our ethics policy.

Code of Conduct

Reporting Misconduct

If you become aware of misconduct related to Otis or undertaken by any Otis employee, any of your employees, or any employees of your business partners, we expect you to promptly notify us. You may contact Otis’ Global Ethics & Compliance Office at or if you prefer to contact Otis anonymously, you may use one of the reporting channels set up for that purpose.

Reporting Channels

Supplier performance

Supplier performance is an essential element of developing a world-class, integrated supply chain. Otis suppliers must meet performance expectations.

Supplier Diversity at Otis

Otis has taken an automated approach for new or existing suppliers to register and report Tier 2 diverse spend with Otis. If your organization has a supplier diversity certification and would like to register with Otis click here. If you are an existing supplier with Otis click here to report your Tier 2 diversity spend.