These terms and conditions for online booking (“Online Booking Terms and Conditions”) shall be applicable to all online bookings that are made by any person (“Customer”) on [enter website name] (“Website”) in respect of elevators / escalators manufactured / installed by Otis Elevator Company (India) Limited (“Otis”). The Customer agrees, acknowledges and undertakes as follows:

  1. The completion of the online form does not imply that there is a binding contract between Otis and a Customer or that the order has been confirmed by Otis. The order / contract will be confirmed post the completion of the physical form, submission of all relevant documents, site inspection, technical feasibility and execution of a written agreement between the Customer and Otis for the sale, installation and erection of the Otis product (“Contract”).
  2. The price, specifications and features of the Otis product selected by the Customer online are subject to change (including introduction of new variants) without prior intimation and at the discretion of Otis.
  3. It is optional for the Customer to book an Otis product online and the Customer may opt to book the product through traditional retail channels / the various offices of Otis in India/ contacting our Sales Representative.
  4. Payments made by any Customer for online booking of an Otis product through the payment gateway agency are subject to the terms and condition as provided by the relevant payment gateway service provider. The website of the payment gateway agency can be accessed at [enter website].
  5. Otis shall not be responsible for any non-payment or wrong payment made by the Customer in respect of the payment made through the payment gateway linked to the Website.
  6. Confirmation of booking by Otis is subject to multiple parameters. If the booking is not confirmed or accepted for whatever reasons, there will be no obligations on Otis other than refunding the booking amount paid by the Customer.
  7. The Customer undertakes to provide accurate information while filling the booking form online and shall subsequently be required to submit documents as specified by Otis including PAN card, address proof, identity proof and other documents as specified by Otis for completing the booking / sale / cancelation / refund of the booking amount.
  8. After online submission of the booking form and a valid online payment, the Website shall generate a booking reference number for the receipt of payment towards the booking amount. The Customer shall use the booking reference number to communicate with Otis and for any future communication in relation to the Otis product.
  9. Otis shall make best efforts to process requests for refunds pursuant to a booking made on the Website within 30 (Thirty) days from the date of the refund request. The refund shall be paid through any normal banking channel at the discretion of Otis.
  10. Any increase in the prices of the Otis product till the final invoice is issued by Otis shall be to the account of, and be borne by, the Customer.
  11. The deposit paid by the Customer at the time of booking is fully refundable and if booking is accepted, it will be adjusted against the price of the Otis product as mentioned in the final invoice generated by Otis.
  12. If a Customer books an Otis product on behalf of a legal entity, he represents and warrants that he is duly authorized by such legal entity to purchase the Otis product.
  13. The Customer agrees and undertakes that he / she may be provided confidential information in relation to the Otis products and that they shall not disclose any confidential information to any third party without the prior written consent of Otis.
  14. The secret one-time password that is sent to the Customer’s registered mobile number and / or registered email to set up the Customers’ account is unique and should number not be shared with any third party. Otis shall not be liable for any financial loss or any other loss or inconvenience resulting from misuse of your login credentials / password / account details / mobile number / registered email.
  15. The Customer hereby consents to usage of the information collected by Otis or provided by the Customer to Otis for the purposes of providing services to the Customer or for such other purpose set out in the privacy policy1. Any information received by Otis from the Customer, shall be handled by Otis as per its privacy policy2. The Customer consents to Otis contacting such Customer notwithstanding the registration by the Customer on any “Do Not Disturb” registry / any registry in terms of which such Customers have opted out of receiving unsolicited commercial communications.
  16. Otis reserves the right to amend these Online Booking Terms and Conditions at its sole discretion as and when considered necessary.
  17. Any dispute relating to enforcement, interpretation or application of these Online Booking Terms and Conditions will be subject to courts at Mumbai alone to the exclusion of all others.

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