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Gardens by the Bay


Taking visitors to the clouds in this scenic paradise in the heart of Singapore

At Gardens by the Bay in Singapore, Otis elevators and escalators transport visitors to treetops, waterfalls and elevated walkways, allowing them to enjoy unique perspectives on horticulture, garden artistry and breathtaking city skyline views.

Gardens by the Bay project facts

  • Completed: June 2012
  • Description: Nature Park
  • Size: 101 hectares (250 acres)
  • Customer: Gardens by The Bay

Unique requirements

For this project, the Otis team provided solutions to ensure seamless and safe passenger experiences for visitors while matching the park’s sustainable design. Due to limited space in the trunks of the park’s Supertrees and the sprawling size of the site itself, the transportation and loading of parts was labor intensive and required additional coordination.

Otis innovation

Otis provided 21 energy-efficient Gen2® elevators, 1 ELEX service elevator and 7 escalators. A dedicated team works continuously to ensure equipment can withstand the elements and meet the site’s extreme traffic demands seven days a week, 365 days a year. Otis solutions provide access to the sites where visitors can make memories that will last a lifetime.

21 Otis Gen2® elevators

1 Otis FLEX service elevator

7 Otis escalators

On-going Otis Signature Service contract

Gardens by the Bay Otis Escalators

With Otis, nearly 9 million local and international visitors safely and reliably experience meaningful and surprising moments that shape their lives at Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. Our team works to ensure that our 22 on-site elevators and 7 on-site escalators provide a seamless and enjoyable experience for riders.

Bechir Hellal, Managing Director, Otis Singapore

Gardens by the Bay: Creating an urban oasis where nature and creativity meet

A model for biodiversity and sustainability, Gardens by the Bay is a one-of-a-kind public nature park in Singapore that spans more than 100 hectares and attracts nearly 9 million local and international visitors per year.

With Supertrees as tall as buildings and the world’s tallest indoor waterfall, this unforgettable and iconic location has become an iconic horticultural destination and a critical part of Singapore’s journey to become a City in a Garden.

Enabling passengers to see the world from a new perspective

Since opening in 2012, Gardens by the Bay has rapidly become one of Singapore’s most popular attractions. Visitors from around the world have been captivated by its architecture, spectacular skyline views and the more than 1.5 million plants that grow within its boundaries.

Planners knew that vertical transportation would play an important role in helping visitors experience the unique beauty of this renowned park. That’s why they turned to
Otis mobility solutions that align with the principles of environmental sustainability and help to create the unique perspectives and magical moments the gardens have to offer.


From the Supertrees that rise above the lush greenery to the majestic Cloud Forest that houses one of the world’s tallest indoor waterfall, Otis solutions connect visitors seamlessly to all the wonders of Gardens by the Bay. Installed at the park’s opening in 2012, our 21 Gen2 elevators and 7 escalators have been essential in creating a safe and reliable experience for passengers, no matter where they are, or where they are going.

In keeping with the park’s sustainable design and growth plan, it was important to make sure the solutions we provided were engineered with the same level of environmental awareness. Our Gen2 elevators and ReGenTM drives were the ideal choice for this project. When combined, they are 75% more efficient than conventional geared systems – and even provide clean power to help run other building systems. Plus, standby mode features on the elevators’ LED systems allowed for further reductions to energy usage while minimizing their impact on the park’s natural beauty.

At Otis, the comfort and well-being of the riding public is always a a priority. That’s why we have a dedicated team that works to ensure our solutions at Gardens by the Bay are operational 7 days a week. By keeping visitors on the move, we’re contributing to an experience they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.




Otis is proud to have our solutions featured at a site that is recognized as one of Asia’s premier horticultural destinations as well as a model for sustainable development and conservation.


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