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Compass® 360


Faster and more efficient journeys for all passengers.

Your virtual concierge

Our Compass® 360 destination management system ensures easy travel for all passengers, with shorter wait times and faster, more efficient journeys. Compass 360 also acts as a virtual concierge to guide passengers to the appropriate elevators and spaces within a building. Its SmartGrouping technology advances dispatching efficiency to cut waiting and journey times in half compared with traditional systems.

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Sophisticated design

A system exclusive to your needs

touchpad screen


Intelligent and intuitive

Improve flow, travel efficiently

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Smooth travel

Clear signage and direction

Discover a new generation of elevator dispatch management with Compass 360

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7-inch touchpad

Sleek, capacitive touch glass faceplate available in multiple colors featuring an accessibility button, built-in speaker and space for multiple types of card reader technologies. Modernize the elevator experience with a customizable screen.

Intelligent wayfinding

Easy elevator recognition and smarter signage delivers more intuitive wayfinding.


The SuperGroup system from Otis provides seamless passenger experience by using cabs from a defined “super group” as a bridge between low- and high-rise banks, as required. This means that passengers can access any floor, from any floor, making transfer lobbies a thing of the past. Find out how the SuperGroup system from Otis can transform journeys through your building.