Machine-roomless holeless hydraulic elevator

The design that sets you free

Introducing the HydroFit elevator

We’ve created HydroFit, our machine-roomless, holeless hydraulic elevator to save you plenty of valuable floor space. The result is a design that sets your creative vision free, helps your construction teams and inspires your passengers.

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2,100 – 5,000 lbs

Max duty load

(953 – 2,268 kg)


100 – 125 fpm

Top speed

(0.51 – 0.64 m/s)



Max stops


26 ft 6 in

Max rise

(8 m)

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Maximize your existing space

It simply adds up: because the HydroFit elevator frees up valuable floor space in your building, you can profit from more space than you thought possible. Whether it’s adding priceless parking or another stylish office suite, you have plenty to gain!

Save construction time and cost

The HydroFit elevator saves time and money on your jobsite by being machine room-less. It’s carefully designed to help coordinate busy trades by locating hall call buttons in the door jamb. Perfectly adapted to work in fast-paced smaller building projects, it cuts lead times and makes the planning process simple and stress-free.

Our U.S. manufacturing facility

Your construction project requires a lot of coordination. We understand the challenges, and our factory in Florence, South Carolina means we’re closer to many customers like you. We’re perfectly placed to cut lead times and make project planning easier.

Energy efficient

Like you, we know energy efficiency is not an option. That’s why HydroFit brings you innovative features to maximize efficiency long term.


LED lighting

Reduces energy consumption and lasts 10 times longer than conventional fluorescent lamps.


Sleep mode

Lights and fans shut down when not in use, and seamlessly restart with the press of a call button. Sleep mode makes the LED lighting 75 percent more efficient than conventional systems.


Legendary reliability

You don’t have to think about Otis reliability; it just delivers, year after year, thanks to innovative technology, optimized life-long performance and engineering know how.

Remote Elevator Monitoring (REM)

Remote Elevator Monitoring

We’ve created Remote Elevator Monitoring (REM) to keep an eye on hundreds of elevator functions. If the system senses a problem, it diagnoses the cause, pinpoints your location and makes the service call – automatically dispatching a service technician.

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With the Otis Maintenance Management System (OMMS), you get minimal downtime and far fewer service calls. This world-class technology predicts and prevents problems before they get in your way.

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Here’s a website and app for your laptop, tablet or smartphone that keeps you firmly in control of servicing on your elevators, 24-7. The latest version is easy to use and brings you the power of our expertise wherever you are.

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