Modernizzazioni SkyRise®

Il massimo del progresso. Con il minimo impatto.

Unique Strengths, Smooth Progress

Our blend of industry-defining experience, advanced tailored design and non-disruptive expert installation is simply unique. Smooth progress is assured.

Experience superior reliability and performance

Improve traffic flow

Enhance aesthetics


Enjoy smoother ride quality


Deliver best-in-class safety


Increase the number of energy saving, environmentally responsible systems in your building





Increase your building’s value

From matchless performance and reliability, to appealing aesthetics and energy efficiency, SkyRise modernization delivers in style.

Your personalized modernization solution

Our high-rise gearless or geared traction solutions move at up to 1400 ft./min per second. The passenger experience is smooth and comfortable too.

Creating energy while carrying passengers

Our innovative ReGen® drive system captures energy created by your elevator and feeds it into the building’s electrical grid. It’s working hard for you in every way.

Make it yours with customisable options and accessories

Custom Fixtures

Make each lift its own

Pick standard and custom options

Cab interiors

Customize your space

Make your building's design shine

Luxury Position Indicator

Provide custom content

Utilize a full-colour LCD display