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Elevonic® R Series Modernization

Mid-rise Building with a compact design

The best solution at the right time
Boost your building’s value with the state-of-the-art R Series modernization solutions for the mid-rise market.

Your Personalized Modernization Solution

The Elevonic R series offers a geared or gearless traction solution for midrise buildings with a compact design that allows for adaptability in smaller machine rooms and the flexibility to interface with a variety of machines, door operators and fixtures.


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Technology On Your Side

Transform One Of Your Building’s Key Assets

An out of date elevator won’t deliver the reliability, safety, environmental performance or aesthetic appeal that today’s users expect. With our modernization system, you can transform your elevator and provide state-of-the-art features, seamlessly integrating the latest advances into your existing structure.

  • 1 Controller

    Microprocessors deliver enhanced traffic handling, reliability, and remote monitoring.

  • 2 ReGen® Drive

    Captures energy and returns it to your building’s grid, while reducing the need for extra cooling.

  • 3 Motor

    The AC Motor is designed for a long and trouble-free life.

  • 4 Closed Loop Door Operator

    The Glide P operator is designed to deliver enhanced passenger safety, quiet performance, and reliability.

  • 5 Wiring

    New wiring ensures reliable communications across the system.

  • 6 Fixtures

    New, high quality buttons and lighting enhance your building’s aesthetics and the passenger experience.

  • 7 Options

    Otis track, locks and hanger / cab upgrades / geared or gearless machines

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Performance and Reliability

Our proven performance delivers shorter waiting times, low noise, and minimal callbacks.


Environmental Innovation

Spearheading green initiatives, we minimize power consumption and cooling needs.

Planning For Seamless Modernization

Minimal disruption, quick installation and accountability

We plan your modernization project meticulously to ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum.




Working closely together, we create a plan that’s unique to your building based on expert evaluation.

project management

Project Management

You get a dedicated expert to plan and oversee each stage of your modernization – everything will be crystal clear from the start.



Our Elevonic R-Series is designed for easy installation by our expert mechanics. All work is coordinated around your needs.


Quality Assurance

When your project is complete, we’ll review all the work with you to ensure everything’s 100 percent right.

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Predict, Prevent, Protect

Industry leading

proactive maintenance


We create an individual plan for your elevator.



Our unparalleled resources will keep your elevator running perfectly.



You’ll get all the information you need through our expert team and advanced technology.