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Our most advanced high-rise elevator yet. With the SkyRise elevator, we've taken everything we know and pushed it further, combining cutting-edge science and precision engineering to deliver the solutions you need.

Free Your Imagination

Wherever your imagination takes you, the SkyRise elevator will get you there.


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A Solution For Every High-Rise Building

The SkyRise system is available in a range of speeds, duties and rises to support any high-rise project.

The double-deck configuration reduces the number of elevator hoistways needed for your building, increasing rentable space by up to 40 percent.

The super double-deck system frees architects to design buildings with floors of different heights. The system automatically adjusts the distance between the upper and lower cars while the elevator is moving – without passengers noticing.

Single Deck

  • 1 High-speed, high-rise

    The sky’s really the limit when it comes to the Single Deck. Rising at up to 12.5 m/s to heights of up to 600 m and able to handle 4,500 kg, it’s the ideal choice for the highest and busiest of skyscrapers.

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Double Deck

  • 1 Maximise your building's core

    Handle double the passenger traffic in quick-fire time with the Double Deck. Rising to 600 m at speeds of up to 12.5 m/s, the Double Deck also cuts elevator core space by up to 40 percent - an important feature where real estate is at a premium.

skyrise double deck line drawing

Super Double Deck

  • 1 The ultimate in flexibility

    Ascending just as fast as the Double Deck, the Super Double Deck elevator is designed to accommodate high-rises with different floor heights. It’s the perfect way to open up architectural freedom while still allowing for heavy passenger traffic.

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Compass® 360

Get to your destination as much as 50 percent faster.

Because the Compass 360 system knows where people are going before they enter the elevator, it gets them there faster than conventional dispatching systems – with less waiting time, less crowding and fewer stops along the way.

Sustainable products  

Creating more efficient products can go a long way toward improving the sustainability of buildings and helping customers meet their own ESG goals. Engineering products that are energy-efficient have been integral to our product innovation strategy for more than two decades. 

Otis strives to offer best-in-class, energy-saving products to customers in every region. These include solutions with smaller footprints and lighter weights, and technologies that reduce energy consumption, learn more in the video below. 

Innovative Technologies Working Together

Each SkyRise elevator installation integrates industry-leading technologies to ensure the safe, reliable operation of the entire system.

  • 1 SkyMotion® machines

    Designed for the most demanding high-rise applications, our permanent-magnet SkyMotion machines are among the most energy-efficient on the planet.

  • 2 E2 intelligent control system

    Compact, reliable and energy efficient, our state-of-the-art controller employs our patented motion-control algorithm to ensure a smooth ride.

  • 3 ReGen® Drive

    Otis pioneered the use of regenerative drives and continues to advance this technology – standard on all SkyRise systems.

  • 4 Q-frame cab technology

    To ensure a smooth, quiet ride, we designed our noise-blocking Q-frame cab and aerodynamic shroud using computational fluid dynamics and wind tunnel tests.

  • 5 Safety brakes

    It’s been about safety since day one. That’s why we make the safety brakes for our highest-speed SkyRise elevators from the same heat-resistant materials used for jet-engine nozzles.

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Complete Your Building Faster With SkyBuild™

The SkyBuild self-climbing internal elevator transports workers quickly, comfortably and safely during construction. Crews spend less time waiting and more time on the job than with traditional external elevators.

The SkyBuild system climbs in one-floor increments to keep pace with construction. And it quickly converts into a permanent SkyRise elevator upon the building’s completion.

Wherever You Find The World’s Most Iconic Buildings, You’ll Find Otis

With its unique combination of advanced technology, design flexibility, speed in construction and superior passenger experience, SkyRise elevators can make your building a symbol of excellence for generations to come.