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Elevator Dispatch Management

エキサイティングな旅。 私たちは、これまでにない最先端の目的地管理システムであらゆる乗車体験を変えています。

Introducing CompassPlus

Our world and expectations are changing and along with those changes, more and more people are looking for customised and personalised solutions. Differentiate and increase your building’s value by offering a unique passenger experience with the new eCall for Compass smartphone app.

CompassPlus makes moving people easy and efficient, with clear way finding, customisable screens and personalised operation. Ready to integrate with your Building Security and visitor management systems, it compliments all kinds of buildings, from hotels and hospitals, to industrial, residential and mixed-use sites.


Over 10,000 elevators in over 60 countries already offer the benefits of CompassPlus.


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Modern Aesthetics

With 5 interface screens, 12 background options and a unique library of icons, CompassPlus gives you the freedom to customise. It's designed around your needs.



Customised to your building. Personalised to your passenger.

CompassPlus creates an individual experience with every ride. Customised to your building, it provides unique floor access, and a variety of flexible operation modes, such as VIP mode.


CompassPlusシステムは、複数のセキュリティサプライヤやシステムとの統合に関して、より多くの選択肢を提供します。 外部IDと組み込みセキュリティIDリーダーの両方に対応できるため、別個のリーダーに読ませる必要はありません。

You Can Arrive 50% Faster With Fewer Stops

Our CompassPlus destination management system offers faster, better organised service

Our patented SmartGrouping technology revolutionised lift travel by grouping passengers and stops – your car is assigned a group of passengers heading for the same place, but also a series of floors or ‘zones’. The result is a speedy, organised service.


A comprehensive range like no other


Signature Service

Global, personal, industry-defining and always developing

Signature Service


Update your lifts performance, safety and appeal